A RUBBER seal company has returned to its "spiritual home" of Redditch after 10 years away.

Alliance Seals Limited has moved to a large purpose-converted factory in Enfield Industrial Estate, Windsor Road, from Alcester.

The 15-year-old company is a leading supplier of O-rings, seals and rubber products used in a wide range of industries and it has recently been chosen to supply a prestigious deep-sea project.

Company managing director George Zdanko, who is also long-serving chairman of Redditch Polish Association, said: "We are delighted to note a terrific growth in business activity and demand for our products and the move to Redditch addresses the urgent need for larger premises and a streamlined operation.

"Redditch has always been our spiritual home.

"We founded the business in Redditch and our staff have largely been Redditch-based in all the time we've been in business.

"It's a joy to be coming home and running the business in Redditch again."

The company supplies automotive, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and domestic manufacturers and also supplies customised rubber mouldings.