IT would appear that the big business interests are trying to deceive the residents who live near the Yew Tree Hill Water Tower, near Droitwich.

An application has been made to Wychavon District Council for the replacement of two equipment cabins with one cabin. On the face of it, who could object to this?

However, on a closer examination of the proposal, and it would need to be a very close examination, it appears that the new cabinet is designed for a 3g mast.

The only reference to 3g is in the very small print and not in the main thrust of the proposal. This appears to be deceitfull in the extreme. No doubt the proposer, One 2 One, was fully aware of the objections to the errection of a 3g mast made by Hutchinsons in the latter part of 2004.

It is known the 3g systems operate at a much higher frequency and the effects of this increase are not fully understood. A study on the continent has revealed problems such as nausea, headaches and even an increased risk of cancer.

Why should we, the local residents, be subjected to these risks just to satisfy the demands of big business interests?

I hope that Wychavon District Council will act responsibly and reject this proposal until a fully independent research study can be carried out.

Michael Hardwick

Droitwich Spa