SERIOUS overcrowding at St Chad's School in Rubery resulted in a plan to erect huts in an adjacent field to accommodate some of the pupils. Class sizes ranged from 40 to 50 and in one case two classes comprising a total of 84 pupils were sharing one classroom.

DROITWICH town councillors were given a film show to extol the virtues of lighting streets by electricity. It was claimed that lamp standards placed at the side of the road were more effective than those slung overhead.

THE mid-Worcestershire Artificial Insemination Centre at Stoke Pound, in Bromsgrove, was continuing to prosper after being open for just 12 weeks. Membership of the pioneering service, designed to improve cattle stock, now stood at 65 local farmers who between them had 795 cows. Currently the centre had three shorthorn and two Ayrshire bulls at stud.

DRAFT plans for the new Stalls Farm housing development in Droitwich had been unveiled. It was said greater thought had been put into the design of houses here than on any previous estate but this would be reflected in an increased cost. The houses were to have hot water systems and upstairs bathrooms and portable kitchen ranges instead of the old fashioned fixed ones. A shed for storing bikes was also planned.