HAVING read the recent article regarding the operation of CCTV cameras in

Bromsgrove, I was disappointed with the views of some residents.

Working in the town centre where we liase with CCTV operators and police on a regular basis has proved invaluable. It is possible that people are not aware of how important CCTV is proving to be.

Liasing with the police has saved companies from losing products and finances as shoplifting is on the increase. The use of cameras has resulted in thieves being arrested and prosecuted. Police are able to monitor well-known trouble-makers which in return makes the public and staff working in shops feel safe.

If the facility of CCTV were to be removed, there would be far more incidences taking place, which would affect the safety of the public. Companies are also affected due to shoplifting as losing products impacts on the prices the general public have to pay. As an employee in town I can say that staff feel safer and that we can give our customers the service and prices they deserve.



(Name and address witheld)