AS I was the secretary of the RSJC Bowling Club, Rubery, when the green was offered to us I feel I must respond to the article about the green in last week's edition.

I am no longer involved with the club, and have not been for several years, so I feel I am free to put pen to paper.

To start with Bromsgrove District Council, via Cllr Dave McGrath, approached us on more than one occasion as a club to run the venue due to our experience. At the subsequent meetings to discuss how many times and how many hours the green would be opened to the public it was clearly stated by letter, and verbally, that we would attempt to open the green for the required hours - always subject to demand. To expect the club to actually employ someone to sit in a pavilion for hours every day when no one from the public turns up would be ridiculous.

Far from attacking the bowling club management team why doesn't Cllr Peter McDonald do something really positive to help his constituents, if he is that concerned.

Despite having open days, advertising etc, since the green was opened there has been no more than 20 members of the public who have taken advantage of the facility. Where are the facts to support Cllr McDonalds statement - "many residents loved to get together."

There has been absolutely no interest at all shown in the green by the general public, or the council.

This obviously has a disheartening affect on all the people who have worked so hard and spent so much to make the green a going concern for both the public and club members alike. They can't force the public to use the green

Graham Twist