AN Inkberrow county councillor made a last-ditch attempt to have more money set aside to repair footpaths in next year's Worcestershire budget - but was accused of "political opportunism".

Councillor Liz Tucker claimed elderly residents in her ward were "afraid to leave their homes" because they feared tripping on poorly maintained pathways.

At Thursday's full council meeting, she suggested an extra £400,000 be allocated from the council's £3 million contingency funds to repair walkways in the county.

She made her point as members were due to agree the county's annual budget.

She said if members could find £5 million to improve County Hall, they should approve the extra money to improve pathways.

But members of opposing parties claimed pathways in the county were already being improved and did not support the motion.

Conservative County Councillor Tom Wareing, who represents Crabbs Cross, accused Councillor Tucker of using the matter to improve her chances of re-election.

"The Liberal Democrats are a tawdry little clique of political opportunists," he said.

Fellow Conservative County Councillor June Longmuir agreed: "We have had full consultation inside the county council and outside the council.

"This is not the time to bring it up. She obviously wants the publicity for her electoral interest."

The motion was rejected by a majority of members.