ASTWOOD Bank residents will not get the speed cameras they are lobbying for on the A441 between the Church Road junction and Crabbs Cross island - despite concerns over pedestrians' safety.

A traffic survey carried out by an Evesham Road resident recorded a high percentage of drivers exceeding the 30mph speed limit and some drivers reaching up to 80mph.

But the Worcestershire Safety Camera Partnership said this stretch of road did not meet the criteria needed for the installation of speed cameras.

Partnership project manager Trevor McAvoy said: "We understand concerns regarding the speed of drivers and narrowness of the pavement.

"But unfortunately, it does not meet the criteria needed as there have not been any serious collisions.

"It may be the county council could look at some alternative measures to make this road safer."

County councillor Tom Wareing, who has backed residents' calls for the cameras, said he was disappointed with the decision.

Mr Wareing added: "Planning is intelligent anticipation.

"The residents of Astwood Bank need these cameras.

"It is just a matter of time before an accident happens."