ABBEYDALE residents are still calling for changes to lane markings at a busy traffic island - but it looks unlikely they will get their way.

The "Sainsbury's" island on the A441 Alvechurch Highway was the source of much controversy two years ago when new lane markings caused huge tailbacks.

Though the markings were eventually redrawn, drivers trying to get onto the island from the Abbeydale area or the crematorium say they still have terrible trouble because there is only one lane onto the island.

Councillor Diane Thomas is backing their campaign to get two lanes reinstated on the access onto the island.

Mrs Thomas said: "I am going to raise the issue with the Highways Partnership Unit because it is frustrating for residents. One lane onto it isn't enough."

But Redditch Highways Partnership Unit manager John Biggs said there were no plans to redesign the access.

Mr Biggs said: "I haven't been approached as yet.

"But this type of work would involve a large traffic study and traffic modelling. It's never as easy as simply painting white lines.

"Unfortunately, it is impossible to please everybody because as soon as you make some changes, then other people are affected.

"But we must remember here in Redditch we have remarkably free-flowing traffic.

"If you go to Birmingham or Worcester, you just hit congestion."