A DOG-walking vandal with wire cutters is being blamed for repeatedly cutting through a fence to let his large pet have a swim in a protected pond.

And now a Worcester City Council ranger hopes people can help stop the problem walker using the pond on Ronkswood Meadows, near Dove Close, Tolladine.

Ranger Trevor Smith this week repaired the fence for the fourth time in five months after the walker struck again.

"The cost of repairing the fence is negligible - it's the time and disappointment at having to return a few days later, to find it's happened all over again," he said.

The pond is fenced off to let wildlife - especially frogs and newts - re-establish itself in the once neglected pool.

The culprit is taking specialist equipment to the wire link fence, rangers believe.

"We're asking people whose homes overlook the Meadows if they can shed any light on whoever is doing this.

"The cost of constantly repairing the fence has to come out of taxpayer's money, and nobody's benefiting. The pond is being disturbed and the water can't be doing the dog any good," added Mr Smith.

The pond is one of three on the meadow which dog walkers share with cattle. Cows use the open ponds as drinking pools.