HOW nice it is to see common sense on display at Worcester City Council.

The notion that parts of Cripplegate Park could be concreted over to create extra car parking spaces was always going to be a non-starter.

While Coun Francis Lankester has denied the decision to shelve the plans is a "climb down", there can be little doubt that the large number of objections to the scheme that the council has received will have played some part.

Voluntary group the Friends of Cripplegate Park were quick to denounce the car park plans and collected a petition containing more than 500 signatures to that effect.

Coun Lankester is right to say that the council's decision is "evidence that we are listening to every side of the argument".

Although, a quick chat with those councillors with longer memories will have revealed that any proposal to build on Cripplegate Park is always met with fierce opposition.

Common sense is also required at Ronkswood Meadow, in Tolladine.

City ranger Trevor Smith has issued a plea for the public to be on the lookout for the person vandalising the fence around a protected pond.

The fence has been cut open four times in the past five months.

Someone must know who is responsible - and should tell the authorities.

After all, it is city taxpayers who foot the bill every time it needs to be repaired.