THE typical Worcester worker enjoys their jobs, feels more fulfilled when busy, and likes a challenge according to new research by Keele University.

It also showed that almost half of people in the Midlands made sure work did not dominate their lives.

More than a third of the 1,200 people interviewed, including some from Worcester, felt they made choices about how they used their time.

Stressed out

However, more than 50 per cent felt stressed at least sometimes, and just under a third often felt this way.

Of those feeling stressed, 69.3 per cent suffered from ill health as a result, with common symptoms including panic attacks and depression.

"The survey contains a number of findings that give us cause to think about the future of work and the impact of working practices on individuals, businesses and society," said Dr Sarah Baker, lecturer in health psychology at the university.

"However, there are signs for optimism as well as caution and we must continue to be vigilant of the negative consequences to mitigate against their worst effects."