MALVERN people were enjoying the wintry weather 100 years ago.

So much so, that Gazette columnist Ariel said Link Common "resembled a miniature Davos".

The writer continued: "The snow which fell earlier in the week, although it did not lie thick on the exposed parts of the hills and commons, was deep enough in the valleys, and the prospects of tobogganing were soon realised.

"From the corner of the common at the Graham Road, a fine expanse of snow sloped gently down towards Cockshot Road, a distance of about 400 yards.

"A few children were the first to show the possibilities of the sport, but soon others joined in the fun until there was such a rush for toboggans as has not been experienced in Malvern for many years.

"It was kept up until the early hours of the morning, so keen was the enjoyment. Saturday afternoon saw the climax. There were scores of tobogganists and hundreds of spectators, and the former had by this time gained such experience in steering their craft that there was no lack of interest."

But woe betide those who rode their sledges in the wrong place. Two sisters who tobogganed on the pavement on Worcester Road were hauled up before the magistrates and fined seven shillings and sixpence.