YET again, we read a headline (Evening News, Wednesday, January 19) telling us that we have another "dangerous" road.

It is about time that people realised that there is no such thing as a "dangerous" road, or a "dangerous" car, or a "dangerous" lorry. There are only dangerous drivers.

Successive governments have encouraged motor manufacturers to produce "safer" cars and road planners and builders to make "safer" highways, but have ignored the need to produce "safer" drivers by better training and education.

The recent law to ban the use of hand-held mobile phones is good as it reduces distraction, but what about driving while smoking a cigarette or pipe, listening to or tuning a radio, or reading advertising hoarding at the side of the road?

Until the Government introduces a proper training and testing programme and a judicial system that punishes and deters wrong-doers, we will continue to have our lives blighted by drivers who have the notion that they are above the law because they think that they are safe and good drivers.


Battenhall, Worcester.