I WONDER if the residents of St John's are aware of the planned alterations/extension to Cripplegate car park, known as Tybridge Street car park.

A large section of parkland is to be sacrificed to make room for more tarmac. Mature trees, that are just as much a part of our heritage as buildings, are to be felled. A wall that keeps the park secluded from the road is to be destroyed.

There will be an increase in visible car parking and more land will be at risk from flooding.

This cannot be riverside conservation. It isn't going to conserve anything. There was an outcry when a supermarket was considered for this area, because people want it kept as a park.

I believe it has been neglected intentionally in the mistaken assumption that people would not be bothered.

People are bothered, especially the residents of St Johns and The Friends of Cripplegate Park.


St John's, Worcester