IF Dr Peter Selby does not mind a Roman Catholic Head of the Church of England (Evening News, January 19), he does not show much spiritual and pastoral commitment to his own organisation.

Let us not start with the liberal agenda - the facts are:

1) All monarchies are inherently bound with particular religious and confessional loyalties - just as Holy Orders are.

2) The application of "political correctness" on our monarchy is unjustified, family divisive and smacking of blackmail upon the consciences of our Royals.

Our nation and our institutions are free and tolerant, and they serve them perfectly. Roman Catholics, in particular, are well represented at Court. No one hears about Methodists, Baptists, Plymouth Brethren or whatever in royal circles or functions.

If Anglican conventions dictate and produce such a free climate, there is no need to alter them - and that includes the Act of Settlement.

One never hears any complaints about religious restrictions at the Courts of Madrid or Brussels from Roman Catholics or others. There is moral somewhere.

JOHN E IEBOLE, Worcester.