THREE teenage boys committed a criminal offence on school premises some years ago, by knocking down a fellow pupil before kicking him while he lay on the ground.The Head, with the approval of the chairman of governors, immediately suspended them.

The Head, although having the powers at that time to impose a punishment warranted by the offence, did not believe in corporal punishment.

Two sets of parents accepted the suspensions, one parent objected and exercised her "right-of-appeal".

Governors sacrificed a whole day in order to listen to the woman plead for her little darling. The suspension was confirmed.

The Permissive Society was then well underway, with brainwashed social scientists imposing their Noddy Book theories, while flaunting their easily-won Mickey Mouse qualifications, holding sway in society.

Until we return to common-sense discipline - discipline means the control of each for the benefit of all - together with punishments that fit the crimes committed, we will hear and see more media exposures of evil.