I see the Oscar nominations were out this week. It seems there are many awards ceremonies in this day and age, but the Oscars are still prized - although one or two people have turned them down.

As a big film fan, I was interested to note those that had been nominated for Best Film.

I am often amazed at the list of films that have never won an Oscar of any sort despite being great movies.

Four Weddings and A Funeral, Pretty Woman, The Maltese Falcon, The Shawshank Redemption are all great films that never won the Oscar, but in my opinion were far better than many that did.

You see, it's all about taste.

Clearly the people who judge the Oscars have a different opinion to me.

And that's what life is all about - opinions.

In my opinion, the England cricket team have done a superb job in winning the Test series in South Africa, but why is it when we Brits do well, or maybe just the English do well, we tend to put down the opposition?

"Well, the ******** ( add your own words) are not as strong as they used to be."

"Don't forget ******** didn't play."

"We had some dodgy umpiring decisions go our way."

"We still won't beat the Aussies."

All phrases I have heard trotted out this week.

Why can we not look on the bright side? We have, in my opinion, the second best team in the world ( India might contest that) and if we do happen to beat the Aussies this summer we will be the best team in the world, so come on, let's be optimistic, and celebrate our achievements.

By the way, The Great Escape didn't win an Oscar either.

I went to Malvern Theatre this week to see The Dresser. Nicholas Lyndhurst is the star, with Julian Glover as the ageing actor - very, very good (in my opinion).

If you do go along, and you'll have to be quick because it ends tonight, then don't expect Nicholas Lyndhurst to be Rodney from Only Fools and Horses, because he is a long way from it, and has leapfrogged it in my opinion.

He plays Norman, the Dresser, and is excellent. If you can get there, do.

Talking of Malvern, I nipped into the rugby club on Saturday afternoon for the game against Stafford. Lord, it was cold and wet.

But a big thank you to Lyn and the Ladies Committee, and everyone else at Malvern. They have raised £1,000 for the Bradders Save Off Appeal from an event on Saturday evening.

Many thanks to them, and once again to everyone else for the donations, small or large.

At the time of going to press we have over £39,000 pledged, which is fantastic (in my opinion)

Talking of rugby, tomorrow is a great day for Warriors fans. Think of all the times we went to Gloucester in the past to watch top class rugby, but tomorrow we get to see our team playing there in the league for the first time...