This is an open letter to the relevant authorities responsible for the safety of our children arriving and leaving school.

When is action going to be taken against the stubborn minority who are quite happy to park in the most dangerous position outside schools, with no consideration for the safety of our children?

I observe the parking outside The Chase, and I imagine this applies to most other schools, where on only one day three cars parked on the zig-zag hazard lines.

I watched a boy cross between these cars and almost get knocked over.

There was also a car parked on a corner, meaning cars could not see easily if children were crossing.

It is not rocket science - tickets need to be given out now. I do not wish to see the news of a child's injury or death and those same people who park dangerously crying crocodile tears and saying something should have been done.

Mr G Lewis, Duke of Edinburgh Way, Malvern.