A bus service linking Malvern and Ledbury will be presented as an example of a successful community project to MPs.

The two-night-a-week 657 service, launched in October 2003, connects Malvern, West Malvern, Malvern Wells, Colwall and Ledbury.

It was part-funded by a £50,000 grant from the Countryside Agency's Parish Transport Scheme.

The service was launched after a collaboration between five parish councils, Malvern Town Council and Worcestershire County Council.

Recognising the service's success, the Countryside Agency has chosen it as a good example of how grants can benefit communities.

As a result, a presentation about the scheme will be given to MPs in the House of Commons on Tuesday, February 22.

The presentation will be given by Phil Browning, Colwall parish councillor and chairman of the transport group that lobbied for the scheme. He will be accompanied by Worcestershire County Council's rural transport officer Michelle Jones.

"We're very pleased about it," said Mr Browning.

"It's great that the scheme has been put up as a model for other projects."

Mr Browning said the agency wanted to provide evidence of best practice in its current grant schemes and chose the 657 bus service as an example of innovation and teamwork.

"The presentation will outline all the facts and benefits of providing a rural transport grant," he said. "We hope it will lead to further funding for the agency and show that there's still a need for this type of grant."

Mr Browning said the bus service, which runs from 6pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday, was extremely popular.

"It's used by people of all ages," he said.