Herefordshire Council's cabinet was due to meet yesterday (Thursday) to discuss initial proposals for a rise in Council Tax.

County treasurer Ian Hyson said the rise was likely to be between 4 per cent and 4.5 per cent, around £43 for an average Band D home.

A final decision on a rise will be made by full council on March 11.

The council was capped last year and the Government has indicated that it is looking for an increase of no more than 4.8 per cent. The authority is already looking to make cuts totalling £5 million in its budget.

The Government grant to the council this year is likely to be £1m more than expected, bringing the total package to around £7m.

In addition, it is likely to delay placing new social care responsibilities on the council's shoulders, which means an effective saving of £1.3m for the authority.

Mr Hyson called this a breathing space for only for a year and said the council would still need to make savings.