I was dismayed to read that Malcolm Murray, the referee featured in your page 3 article last week, has been charged with bringing the game of football into disrepute.

As a witness to what took place at that game in October last year I can only support fully the actions Malcolm took that day. Both he and others watching that match were subjected to a tirade of abuse from some of the supporters of Hadley Rangers Football Club after the match was abandoned.

The Mercian Festival League and the Worcestershire FA regularly and rightly state that referees should be supported at all times by all involved in these football games.

It would seem that when they are asked to turn words into actions they are sadly lacking, hoping presumably that the problem of abuse and the intimidation of referees will just go away.

Your report on two more matches being abandoned last week would seem to prove that it will not.

It was not Malcolm Murray that brought the game of football into disrepute that day.

Andrew Webb, Malus Close, Malvern.