A MALVERN man is looking for a venue for a cultural evening to raise money for an Indian orphanage run by his father.

Marc Norton wants to help his father, Dr Manihar Norton, who has been unable to raise funds for the orphanage due to ill-health.

The orphanage, in Andra Pradesh Vijayawada, has been overrun by children since the tsunami struck the nearby south Indian coast on Boxing Day.

Mr Norton, who lives in Malvern Wells and is registered blind, wants to help raise the £120,000-a-year it costs to run the orphanage.

"My father founded it from scratch in 1987 and got it completely established," he said. "The children who were there when it started are now 23, 24, 25 and they run the place.

"My father did all the fundraising, but he's out of action now."

"I was out there with my family for Christmas when the tsunami struck, just one hour's drive away. As a result, many children are now arriving at my father's orphanage who have lost their families and everything they own."

Mr Norton is planning an event featuring his own band, Zen Archery, and other musicians. He also wants to feature Indian classical dancing and to serve Indian food at the event.

Anyone who can offer a venue, or help in any other way, should call Mr Norton on 01684 560209.