I MUST take issue with the comment of Sergeant Robert Werner de Sondberg who stated (Malvern Gazette, January 21) that a degree of flexibility is required when considering punishment for cyclists who ride on pavements.

The fact that "many roads in Malvern are narrow and congested" is a fatuous excuse for the action of cyclists who are selfish, lazy and have little regard for others and are indifferent to the fact they are creating a menace to pedestrians, especially the elderly and mothers with small children.

The majority of those cyclists who deliberately ignore the law are older teenagers and some adults, both of whom should have the competence and road sense to cope with narrow and congested roads.

If any flexibility on punishment is considered it should be reserved for those who are under the age of 11, by which age they should have attained their Cycling Proficiency qualification.

The sergeant states that the police would continue to prosecute blatant offences by cyclists. Until there is a greater visible presence of police on the streets it is difficult to see how this behaviour will be curbed.

GRAHAM B CHAMBERLAIN, Dukes Way, Poolbrook.