AN otherwise accurate and informative report on page 3 of last week's Ledbury Reporter may have left readers with the wrong impression about RE teaching at the school.

The report stated that "religious education is unsatisfactory". This could give the impression that teaching in RE is unsatisfactory, when the inspectors rated it as "very good". The report actually states that: "Statutory provision in RE is unsatisfactory". This means that not all pupils are taught RE in Years 10 and 11 for at least one hour per week.

The report says in the section on Religious Education:

"GCSE results in 2004 were excellent and have been rising steadily for the last three years."

"Standards in the GCSE group are well above average and achievement is very good."

"The quality of teaching and learning is very good. Teaching is excellent for the GCSE groups."

"Leadership is excellent and management is very good. Leaders have vision and a great capacity for innovation."

One of our RE teachers, Mr Warren, who is an Advanced Skills Teacher, was observed teaching four times during OFSTED week. All four of his lessons were rated as excellent.

The RE department has been recognised by the Herefordshire Education Authority as a 'Lead Department' for the high quality of teaching, innovative and successful learning methods and students' understanding of the subject.

Andrew Evans, headteacher, Spencer Lane, chair of governors, John Masefield High School, Ledbury.