RE: 'Lost paradise could be regained' (Your Letters, January 21) about the so-called 'grot spot' car park next to the Splash, which misrepresents the intended use of the site.

The council wanted that site to build a public sports centre combined with the Splash, having a common entrance, paid for by the last of the 'Malvern Millions', which had been ringed for such a purpose, plus £1 million the operators of the Splash had offered.

This project progressed successfully with public viewing of the design and tenders until the last minute when a council election brought a new Tory majority to power, who cancelled the project, giving yet more money to schools for sports facilities and allowing the site to become a car park.

A public sports centre dealing directly with the tax-paying 18 to 80-year-olds, and not via secondary school administration, is the only major facility Malvern still lacks.

This site and the above mentioned project are still probably the most efficient way of providing this facility for Malvern.

The Lib-Dems have regained control of the council and Tom Wells wrote to me 15 months ago regarding the potential of this site for a stand-alone public sports hall, so indeed let the council regain the visionary project it had in its former Lib-Dem term of office and this time complete it for the benefit of the tax-paying adults of Malvern.

Regarding the current Malvern health buildings debate, I've always considered the Victoria Park Health Centre site an excellent location for it. Moving it to a cheaper site, to presumably make money for the PCT by selling the present site, at the inconvenience of the Malvern public and creating traffic congestion at the new site, would not seem to be in the best interests of the people of Malvern.

However, the priority of the present generation of managers in so many walks of life seems to be to show a short-term financial gain, irrespective of the results of what they have brought to pass on people involved.

E BRAY, Crownlea Avenue, Malvern.