IT was interesting to read the comments made by David Maciejewski, the spokesman for the First bus company, at the meeting held in Malvern on Tuesday, January 19, (Malvern Gazette & Ledbury Reporter, January 21).

He stated that the residents on part of Madresfield Road are being inconvenienced but First is a commercial organisation and this part of the route carried no-one.

If this is the case, why are so many of the people in this area up in arms about the poor service provided by the First bus company?

Is diverting the bus up a road with no bus stops making the company revenue?

If they only carried one passenger along Pickersleigh Road and Madresfield Road it would be 100 per cent more passengers than they could pick up going up a road with no bus stops.

He also mentioned that the 44 bus service was successful, so why don't First put some of the profits they are making from the 44 service into the running of the 42 service, instead of hoping to get more subsidies from the local authorities.

The First Bus Group and rail operator had an excellent half year profit in the first half year of 2004. The group said that while London bus operations had continued to grow revenues, growth outside the capital had come mainly in areas where it formed partnership with local authorities. Would this be from the subsidies provided by the local councils?

Perhaps the First bus company should reconsider and reinstate the 42 bus service along Pickersleigh Road and Madresfield Road.

MR S DANIELS, Elmley Close, Malvern.