THERE was a good turnout for the latest round of the Malvern United Angling Association's winter league on the pool at Mathon.

Members were greeted with icy conditions and temperatures just above freezing, well some of them were at least, those lucky enough to be drawn on the far side of the pool were bathed in glorious sunshine for the whole of the contest, leaving the poor unfortunates on the other side to shiver their way through the contest.

Drawn sunny side up was John Wagstaff who fished waggler tactics from peg 13 and needed only one small roach weighing two and a half ounces to take a rare first place.

Also benefitting from the suns rays was Neil Humpage on peg 19 who rang the changes throughout the match and eventually found two tiny roach by fishing the waggler at distance for a paltry two ounces. On such a hard day it was good enough to secure second place.

The rest of the field failed to trouble the scalesman.

The next round of the league is to be held at the Avon on Sunday, February 6. Draw 9am