FANTASTIC was the only word for it - Tegwin Harrison's wish to do something to help raise money for the Tsunami Disaster resulted in the unbelievable sum of £3,160.

Tegwin organised a sale in the village hall, with people coming from everywhere, including Gloucester and Malvern, the surrounding villages as well as Redmarley. Tegwin said she had never seen so many people in the village hall, as well as the stalls filled with all kinds of things and a raffle with 70 prizes. In fact, in under two hours £2,105 had been raised with donations and later a cheque for £1,000 was received to make the grand total.

Both Tegwin and her husband Geoffrey could hardly sleep that night, as they were so overwhelmed with people's generosity and help. The money is being sent to the Tsunami Earthquake Appeal Disabled Committee.

Mrs Harrison would like to thank everyone who helped to make the sale such an outstanding success, one never to be forgotten.