PAULINE Price has once again proved her friends right.

The 60-year-old retired administrator from Linksview Crescent, off Newtown Road, Worcester, has scooped £1,000 in the Evening News' fabulous Lucky Numbers competition.

"My friends say I am a lucky person," she said.

"I have won clothes, sports stuff, meals, CDs - all sorts of things."

Mrs Price said she enjoys entering competitions in the Evening News.

She also knows exactly what the money will be spent on.

"We are having the hall and stairway at our home decorated and I'm sure my children have something from me as well," she said.

The competition involved readers choosing three numbers between 1 and 100 and hoping they matched with the numbers. published every day from Wednesday, January 12, to Monday, January 17.

On the last day of the competition we bumped up the prize money to £500 - or £1,000 if entrants have home newspaper delivery, as Mrs Price does.