WHERE in Worcester can you find top-notch computers for under £200?

The charity Lifestyles is pioneering the practice of restoring and recycling old machines and selling them on - as good as new - to raise funds.

Lifestyles' shop in Lowesmoor has just undergone a makeover with television auctioneer Philip Serrell, from the BBC's Bargain Hunt, coming along to cut the ribbon.

The charity's buzzword is "choice", with disabled people given support to live an independent and fulfilling life.

For this reason, the computer reconditioning is carried out by disabled people themselves, at the Lifestyles factory in Checketts Lane, Worcester.

Chief Executive of Lifestyles Godfrey Morgan, said the idea was to give the disabled people a level playing field.

"We ask where they want to be in four years time," said Mr Morgan.

"Maybe they just want to be able to go out to the library, or maybe they want to swim the Atlantic.

"Why not? They should have the choice like anybody else."

Many of the charity's students learn communication and interpersonal skills as well as how to deal with money.

The charity, which employs 60 staff, has carried out a complete refit of its shop, which allows it to sell electrical goods such as washing machines, fridges and freezers as well as computers and computer peripherals.

"This really is a unique charity shop," said Mr Morgan. "It is the only one with a chair lift installed to the first floor, the only one which sells reconditioned electrical goods which are PATS certified and the only one selling second-use computers and bicycles."

"It's all good quality stuff. A revamped Dell Pentium 3 with Windows 98, with a 56k modem would cost about £190.

"Everything's on sale in the shop now. Come in and have a look."

The store, Just Lifestyles, is at 38 Lowesmoor, Worcester, where computer packages can be viewed. For more information call 01905 350686.