FIREFIGHTERS had to rescue a woman who became trapped in the grounds of a factory after fleeing an electrical fire.

Crews used a ladder to climb over metal gates and get the employee of DMS Chromium Plating, who was in her 30s, to safety.

"She was a bit upset because she was around the back of her factory on her own," said sub-officer Mick Rowlands of Kidderminster Fire Station.

"We led her to safety and reunited her with her colleagues and she was all right."

Electrical cabling and switches had caught fire at the factory, at the Firs Industrial Estate in Oldington Lane, Kidderminster, at about 11.25pm on Monday night, he said.

"The fire alarm went off and she must have taken a dive for the nearest way out because the items they work with are dangerous.

"She was obviously well aware of what the factory does so, when the alarm went off, she got a bit flustered and dived out the nearest door."

The cabling was attached to an acid bath at the factory and firefighters wore breathing apparatus to tackle the blaze, sub-officer Rowlands added.

The fire caused minor smoke damage, said DMS director, Steve Grimsley.