SCHOOLS in the district have been rallying around to sponsor Aquaboxes after watching videos about the devices, developed by members of a Derbyshire Rotary Club in 1990.

This week alone, the number of boxes sponsored has risen by 61 - many of which also contain clothes and other necessities - with hundreds of pounds pouring in from King Charles I and Wolverley Sebright schools.

Two weeks ago, pupils at Kidderminster's Holy Trinity School also handed over £1,500, which paid for six Aquabox 30s, each containing enough purification tablets to treat 33,000 litres of dirty water. The proceeds were generated through a week-long sale of flowers and candles.

Students, Leanne Fata and Amy Savage, both 15, said they had hoped to raise enough to buy one Aquabox 30 and were "totally shocked" to hear the final amount was £1,500.

Mr Timmis said he was delighted with the help the club had received in recent weeks from schools in the district.