I AGREE with Peter Alcock's solution (Letters, Thursday, January 13) to vote only for UKIP, to ensure that we leave the EU.

If you are one of the 55 per cent of people who would like the UK to leave the corrupt European experiment right now, there is no other mainstream party you can vote for. It has to be UKIP.

The truth is that the Conservatives can't go anywhere, because New Labour have stolen their clothes.

Instead they are thrashing about, to left and right, dusting off a mish-mash of insipid compromise policies, to try and keep both wings of their party together.

Even with the public's distrust of New Labour's spin, lies and incompetence, the Conservatives remain essentially where they have been in the polls for the last five years.

In any case, there is now hardly any difference between the views of the three main parities, particularly on the EU.

This is why so many people are disillusioned with the whole political scene, and millions of people just don't vote.