EXPERTS from English Heritage are being consulted about a bid to build flats on one of the most historic sites in Evesham.

The planning application is for work at the Abbey Gate in the town centre.

Pearce Construction Ltd want to convert the existing listed building to flats and to demolish outbuildings that will make way for a new block.

In all there are plans for 29 apartments with a parking area.

Mark Lynch, a planner with Wychavon, said that the authority was aware of the historic and sensitive nature of the site.

"This application will definitely go to planning committee and we are waiting for comments from English Heritage," said Mark Lynch.

He said that it was not expected that the application would go before the planning committee until March at the earliest.

Brian Barry, of the Evesham Civic Society said that his group also had concerns.

"Abbey Gate is one of the most historic parts of Evesham and we would want to be satisfied that it had been fully investigated before any work is done. It is important that there is nothing on interest that is destroyed or lost because of constriction work."

The site has been associated with a number of historic events in the town's history and is believed to have Roman origins.