A BADSEY woman who believes her bank card details were intercepted discovered more than £1,000 taken from her account.

Kim Shepherd, aged 42, from Badsey Lane, only discovered what had happened when she received a statement from Nat West.

The incident came in the same week that a woman from Hampton had £1,900 taken from her Abbey account after her card was cloned.

Kim Sabin, agd 40, from Marymans Road, believes that the problem occurred at branches either in Evesham or Stratford.

In another case, a woman from Drakes Lea in Evesham, found that more than £500 had been fraudulently spent on her card which had failed to arrive at her home. And a cloning device was discovered last Sunday at around 10am at Nationwide, High Street, Evesham and is believed to have been used up to 18 hours previously.

Evesham's beat manager, PC Tom Iddon, has offered advice to help prevent bank fraud.

This includes considering arranging to collect bankcards and pin numbers from the local branch instead of having them posted.

He also suggested whenever possible using cash machines inside a bank instead of on the street. "People who are being crowded when using a machine should politely but firmly ask for more space. It can also be safer to get cash back from a supermarket."