I AM writing in response to the article "Warm Tributes to a Modest Teacher" (Shuttle/Times and News, January 13) concerning the recent passing of my mother, Mrs Gaynor Kane.

My family and I were so touched by the article and would like to convey our thanks to everyone who attended her funeral (over 120 of them!) and also for the donations to Cancer Research which have reached over £400 and the figure is still rising.

The problem that both my brother and I have is that we both live in the London area and have been unable to contact all of my mother's friends and colleagues to offer our thanks.

My brother and I would also like to give special thanks to those friends who helped and cared for her when she needed them the most. We would also like to say to all her friends and colleagues thank you for making her time in Kidderminster a happy one.


Tintern Road

Carshalton, Surrey