WITH reference to the article on Page 23 of the January 20 edition of Shuttle/Times and News, I cannot allow Mark Garnier's misinterpretation of the remark made by Martin Bell in his Radio 4 interview to pass unanswered.

Mr Bell's point was that prospective MPs could not expect to be single issue politicians, a statement of fact borne of experience.

Neither he nor Richard Taylor have been "single issue" MPs.

Richard Taylor was voted into office - with a massive majority - by an electorate incensed at the cavalier treatment meted out by this Government to Wyre Forest over its hospital.

Dr Taylor's lifetime experience in medicine certainly gives him an authoritative voice in committees and Commons debates on health matters, but it is not possible to be a "single issue" MP and deal with only one aspect of community affairs, however pressing.

Every problem presented to a constituency MP must be addressed.

Since his election in 2001 Richard Taylor has dealt with a multitude of problems on behalf of his constituents, ranging from noise pollution, housing, education, industrial relations, immigration and policing, to CSA assessments, benefits payments, drainage of wildlife habitats and supply of basic utilities.

The list is endless, and one must also add the number of hours given to charity events of every kind.


Crundalls Lane


MAY I comment on Mark Garnier's statement in the Shuttle/Times and News on January 20, concerning Dr Richard Taylor's place on the Commons health select committee.

The Conservatives gave up a seat on that committee to Dr Taylor, without conditions, thus ensuring that it would have a medical presence.

He is the only doctor serving on that body and his independent status means he is not subject to any party whip.

Mr Garner is mistaken if he believes the Tories put Dr Taylor's name forward to help him. Possibly they hoped he would help them in their fight against the Government's health policies.

However, as an independent, he always supports issues which are in the best interests of patients, irrespective of party politics.


(Dr Richard Taylor's election agent)

Wildwoods, Trimpley