A SALES rep who was given a three-month driving ban after he was caught doing nearly 100mph on the M5 has won back the right to get behind the wheel and keep his job.

After judge Michael Harrington heard that Adam Robins, 27, had lost his job with Coca-Cola because of the ban imposed by Gloucester magistrates he agreed to restore his licence.

Sonia Birdee, prosecuting, told Gloucester Crown Court that Robins, of Redstone Wharf, Sandy Lane, Stourport, was given the ban after being caught speeding at junction 11 of the M5 on Wednesday, June 9.

Giles Nelson, defending, said Robins had worked as a travelling salesman for Coca-Cola in the Midlands area for four years and had only a few speeding fines on his record.

It was because he mistakenly told magistrates he was entitled to three months holiday, which would conveniently ride out the ban, that they were led to believe he would not lose his job, Mr Nelson explained.

"He unwittingly misled the court by saying he had some holiday stored up," Mr Nelson said.

Robins said: "I called my line manager and said they had given me a three-month ban and would I lose my job. He said I would. That's why I'm appealing."

He had been "nave" in telling magistrates that his three months holiday would stop him losing his job, he said.

"It's scary," he added. "It's my career and I've been looking for promotion this year. I am just about to receive a new company car downgraded to a less powerful model."

Judge Harrington said he had no wish to stop Robins from furthering his career and revoked the ban.