Elgar is usually associated with the best things about Worcester but the ugliest building in the city bears his name.

That's according to voters in a competition to find which structure is such an eyesore it should be destroyed.

Elgar House (right), a six-storey office block in Shrub Hill, topped the poll - and it could now be bulldozed as part of a new television series.

"What a wonderful improvement it would be - it is at one of the major entry points to the city for visitors and residents and the view over the skyline would be uninterrupted if it was demolished," said Will Scott, the council's principal conservation officer.

"Three things come to my mind about it. First it's not a great piece of design or architecture. It's a very bland, concrete frame with brick infill.

"Secondly its location is affecting the station, a listed building, and the whole view of the city. Thirdly we haven't helped by covering it with spiky masts that bristle out of the top of it."

The results are now going forward to the makers of Channel 4's Demolition which aims to find the country's least celebrated construction and destroy it. Filming starts in the spring.

"We'll send off all the votes and hopefully we might generate enough steam to get on the programme," said Mr Scott.

"One of the dangers with this is you might have a building which is not very well liked but could be an icon of its period. Which is why Elgar House is a good choice - it is not only unpopular, it is bad."

He added that Elgar House, formerly owned by Kays, was the most likely of all the candidates to be pulled down, subject to leases at the building being terminated and replacement floor space being found.

He hoped an appropriate two or three-storey building could act as a replacement and that the whole scheme could be paid for by the programme makers.