KICKBOXING world champion James Boyle has retired from competition to open up an academy in Kidderminster to pass on his skills. The 27-year-old has vacated his WSKA crown to concentrate on launching the new project at his unit on the Hoo Farm Industrial Estate.

His classes will focus on the Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) which he describes as an exciting new form of self-defence combining various martial arts techniques. It is influenced by eastern arts such as Kali and Silat, along with more recognised systems like Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.

Boyle has been training in martial arts for 10 years and has a second-degree blackbelt in karate. He won the NBL British karate title and his crowning glory came when he clinched the WSKA's Cruiserweight World Kickboxing title in June 2003.

Boyle decided to put his competitive career on hold and begin teaching the new method after training with keysi founder Justo Dieguez and the UK's leading instructor Andy Norman. The new school will offer first class tuition in KFM, along with a safe and friendly atmosphere and structured, Tailored programmes to suit men, women, teens and children.

His syllabus aims to improve the physical fitness, mental clarity and self-defence capabilities of all students. For more information or to book their free trial, contact Boyle on 07810 894453 or by e-mail at