MUSIC SOCIETY: Opened the new year with an illustrated talk on Friday, January 21, given by Graham Kiteley, treasurer of FRMS entitled Breeze from Alabama. The large number of members present might have expected an evening of hot South American Jazz. It was instead to hear a talk on the background to American music; starting from 1619 and the arrival of the first slaves in the USA. The influence of the early settlers from Britain and Holland and of the European composers of the time led to recordings of spiritual music from the time of the Pilgrim fathers leading on to little known artists such as William Billings or Edward Macdowell. From the 20th century the theme of the talk continued with description and recordings of music such as the Ballet Suite. From Aaron Copland; A Breeze from Alabama by Scott Joplin and to end Some Other Time by Leonard Bernstein. It was a great programme well received by the audience. In thanking Mr Kiteley the chairman also gave thanks to Norman Jones who controlled the recordings. The next meeting on Friday, February 18 at 7.30pm will be a presentation of Happy Days 1940s 1960s. Contact on 01608 663119.