A CHARITY stalwart who has worked tirelessly sending lifelines to some of the most troubled parts of the world has had his work boosted by compassionate children.

Bob Timmis has masterminded Kidderminster Rotary Club's mission to send mini mobile water treatment tanks to trouble spots for the last four years but has never been as busy as he is today.

Not surprisingly, this is due to the Boxing Day tsunami, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and left surviving Asian communities without the most basic supplies.

To date, Kidderminster Rotary Club has ordered enough Aquaboxes to treat 800,800 litres of polluted water - and more than half of these have been sent to Sri Lanka during the past month.

The 79-year-old International Committee Aquabox co-ordinator has also recently written to Rotary's district governor in Sri Lanka, requesting one of the country's 59 clubs make contact with the Kidderminster club as a "twin club".

More information on sponsoring an Aquabox can be obtained by calling Mr Timmis on 01299 266464.