PIONEERING treatment has helped a boy with cerebral palsy come a long way since a plea from his parents for the public's help in paying for it was highlighted.

The Shuttle/Times and News reported in November that Jake Woodward, seven, was to receive a radical new form of treatment - advanced neuromotor rehabilitation - ANR.

The most recent cash boost to the Stourport family came from a group of Bewdley-based singers, Cum Sing Wi' - the latest in a long line of Wyre Forest well-wishers to contribute.

Jake, of Dowles Road, Kidderminster, had his first course of the unique treatment in November and has come a long way since, according to his mother, Gail.

She said she noticed a change in her son's condition after two weeks, including the fact he was sleeping better.

"Jake's really coming on," she said. "He's absolutely solid now and sitting up straight because his back and spine are straight, whereas he used to be bent over. We're really pleased about it and thankful."

She said the course of treatment, in East Grinstead, Sussex, would comprise five five-day sessions in the first year, four the following year and three in the third and final year and that the donation of £200 from Cum Sing Wi' We would pay for almost half a session.

"His school has noticed a difference in his upper body and I think the next set of exercises in February will be concentrating on his lower body around the pelvis," she added.

Ray Weston, who founded Cum Sing Wi' We with his wife Joyce, said they had decided to help Jake after reading about other people's generosity in the Shuttle/Times & News in November.

A sponsored walk at The Sutton Arms pub started the ball rolling, as well as a £1,000 donation from the armed forces charity, SSAFA.

The New Manor pub in Stourport also pledged to help cover the cost - after raising £1,000 for a tricycle for him.

"One of members saw the article in the paper and we decided to help out," Mr Weston said.

"We raise money all the time for various charities and always keep some in the bank so we can respond to cases like this because we like to help local people," he added.