A MOTHER has appealed for help in tracing the owner of a dog which attacked the family's pet puppy, leaving its side ripped open, exposing its ribs.

Mandy Meek said four-month old pet Weimaraner Oscar was "yelping in pain" and her children were "crying and frightened" following the attack, which took place at around 2.15pm on Sunday afternoon at the Worcester Woods Countryside Centre, in Spetchley, near Worcester.

Mrs Meek, aged 34, was with her six-year-old daughter Mariella, when Oscar ran over to a large German Shepherd.

"Oscar just went over to play and next thing I knew he was on the ground yelping in pain," said Mrs Meek, from Cobden Avenue, Warndon Villages, Worcester.

"Mariella and I were horrified when we saw his side. All the flesh was torn away and you could see his ribs."

Mrs Meek confronted the dog's owner, a woman aged around 40, who was with an older woman, but she initially denied the dog had attacked Oscar.

"She had the dog on a lead of about five metres and it was just too long. It should have been muzzled and it is fortunate that it didn't attack Mariella.

"She then agreed to give me her details, but while I was tending to Oscar she walked away."

Mrs Meek ran to her husband Perry and their other daughter, nine-year-old Liberty, who were also in the park, before phoning a vet and taking Oscar for treatment, where he needed 30 stitches and a course of antibiotics, costing £200.

"It was a terrible event and the children were crying and frightened. It has been very upsetting for us. I just don't want this to happen again to another dog."

She said that Oscar was now on the road to recovery, but was traumatised by the attack.

Mrs Meek added that she would also be contacting the police.

Anyone who saw the incident or can help is asked to contact Mrs Meek on 01905 616983.