BANK cards were copied at an Evesham cashpoint for up to 18 hours, police fear.

They have warned people across south Worcestershire to take extra care when using the machines after discovery of a cloning scam at Nationwide, in the High Street, on Sunday.

It is thought to have been in operation for between 12 and 18 hours until 10am.

"There is clear evidence that a 'cloning' device was used and then removed. We expect to hear soon from customers whose accounts were 'cloned' and money electronically removed," a police spokesman said.

"In view of this incident, all cash-point users should look out for anything unusual about the cash machine they are using - and if anything arouses their suspicion they should report it immediately."

He said large amounts of cash were often withdrawn from accounts after transactions by the legitimate owners.

The majority of fraudulent transactions affecting Worcestershire victims in the last three years have taken place in North London within a day of the scam being started.

"If anyone sees any suspicious activity at cash-points, notices anything unusual about the cash machine, or believes it may have been tampered with, they should not use it and report it immediately to the bank, if open.

"If the bank is closed, they should report their concerns immediately to the police on 08457 444888."