A GLAMOUR model from Worcester is swapping her showbiz lifestyle for a broom in a "trading places" reality TV show.

Living in a luxury flat and rubbing shoulders with celebrities on the party circuit is everyday life for Natalie Denning.

But the former Blessed Edward Oldcorne pupil, who commands around £500 an hour, will be leaving behind the high life and photoshoots to take on the job of trainee hairdresser Katie Wakefield.

The 21-year-old swaps her luxury flat in Knightsbridge to stay with the Wakefields on a council estate in Kirkby, near Liverpool, and her culture shock will be documented in the Poor Little Rich Girls show this week.

In the six-part series, three "It" girls and three "ordinary" girls change jobs, wages and homes for 10 days and are cut off from their families and friends.

And while 19-year-old Katie experiences life partying in the capital, Natalie tries working as a £70-a-week trainee, washing old ladies' hair, sweeping up and making the tea for customers.

Her father, John Denning, of Eastfield Close, Fernhill Heath, said Natalie found the whole experience a eye opener.

"She loved the challenge but she didn't really enjoy sweeping up and making the coffee," he said.

"Unfortunately, I don't think she was in a particular nice area of Liverpool. I think their idea of a good night out was at the bingo."

Natalie is dating pop star Simon Webbe of boy band Blue, but the relationship may have hit a rocky patch after national newspaper claims he had cheated on her.

She has become the new face of Playboy, has been a regular Page 3 pin-up in the Daily Star and in the past has been linked with Titanic heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio.

Poor Little Rich Girl, featuring Natalie, is being shown on ITV1 tomorrow and Thursday at 10pm.