100 years ago

What a fine all-round sportsman is W W Lowe of Malvern College! When in residence at the college he leads the way in local cricket, football and golf. In the summer vacation, he plays cricket for Worcestershire. In the winter, he hurries away to the high Alps and scoops in the pots for skiing, skating and tobogganing. On Friday, for the second year running, he won the public schools' skating competition and was awarded the challenge cup. Malvern News, January 16, 1904.

If any proof were needed of the popularity of the Saturday night "pops" in Ledbury, it is only necessary to point to the crowded and enthusiastic audience which assembled in the town hall on Saturday night, when the first of a series of concerts for the present winter was given. Although many townspeople were disappointed that they were not continued last winter, they will no doubt acknowledge it was a wise decision to drop them for a season. Ledbury Free Press, Jan 16, 1904.

50 years ago

PresentationS to Mr Bert Howell, for 20 years foreman in charge of the wash-house at Malvern's laundry in Yates Hay Road, were made at the annual dinner for the staff of the Midlands Co-operative Laundries Association Ltd, held at the Park Hotel, Colwall, on Saturday. Mr Howell, who retired at the end of December, received an eight-day chiming clock from his fellow employees at Malvern and a cheque from the directors. Malvern Gazette, January 15, 1954.

Although he will be 90 years old on Sunday, and has been bedridden for two weeks, Mr William George Jones of 4, Lower Road, Ledbury, told the Reporter this week that he hoped to attend a local football match tomorrow. It is only a couple of weeks since he hobbled along on two sticks to see another match and was greatly disappointed that it was cancelled. Ledbury Reporter, January 22, 1954.

25 years ago

AN attempt is to be made to get Malvern's new fire station built this year. Coun Ron Carrington told the county public protection committee that it ought to pursue this matter with urgency. "We regard it as very serious and very urgent," he said. "The conditions in which the firemen are existing at the moment are atrocious and they are to be complimented for keeping their cool." Malvern Gazette, January 18, 1979.

Ledbury firms were considering lay-offs this week as the lorry drivers' strike affecting haulage contractors all over the country began to bite. The town's biggest employer, Ledbury Preserves, with a workforce of over 300, was faced with a possible shutdown. Ledbury Reporter, January 18, 1979.