ANOTHER excellent Phillpott File (Evening News, Monday, January 5) although I think he used a lot of words to say not a lot.

I also think the heading would have been more to the point had it read: "In 2004 it's New Labour vs... what exactly?"

For who knows these days what the Conservatives stand for, irrespective of who the leader is? Headlines in the Press tell us that Tony Blair wants us to adopt the euro by 2007.

He could hold a referendum following a General Election next year. Does anyone know what the Conservatives would advise the electorate?

Would it be "yes", would it be "no", or would it be an indecisive "well, not at the moment" so that they would have a let-out when it all goes wrong?

And wrong it would certainly go. Forgetting the actual financial disaster, the EU can't wait to get its hands on two-thirds of our gold which would immediately be shipped to Frankfurt, never to return.

Labour will not, of course, tell us that this would happen. The financial disaster would come in the years to follow and we would be powerless to stop it. The UK must never join the euro.


Fernhill Heath,