I FEEL that Michael Howard has missed one very important point in his long list of "I believes", and that is "I believe in setting the people of this country free, free from the EU".

As long as we remain in the EU the people of this country will never be free.

It was his party who first betrayed this country and its people, by handing it to a foreign power under the guise of the EEC, and they have been betraying it ever since.

Labour is only continuing what the Conservative Party started all those years ago.

This country belongs to the people. Parliament is elected by the people, but no government has ever sought a mandate from the people on Europe, because it has never been in their manifestos.

Parliament is a sham, because almost all the laws are now coming from Brussels. The politicians are all merely puppets of Brussels.

We should be given a referendum, but on whether we stay in the EU or withdraw completely.

If the EU Constitution ever goes through, then there will be no need for a General Election, will there?

We already have an EU Government here doing its bidding.


Hampton Lovett.