A MALVERN violinist and Russian pianist are set to record a CD of Mozart's complete violin and piano sonatas.

Former Chase pupil Eleanor Percy and Irina Lyakhovskaya formed Duo in 2000 and have been commissioned by Russian music label IMLab to produce the CD, the first ever complete recording of the sonatas for the label.

"It's a great honour to receive this commission," said Eleanor, 24.

The label is one of those names we've both grown up knowing and respecting and it's wonderful that they believe we have something special we can bring to this collection."

Irina, 26, added: "We're very proud.

"I'm from St Petersburg, where we shall be recording and I'm really happy to be able to bring home what we are developing so well in the UK."

The musicians, graduates of Trinity College of Music in London, have played all over the world and recently released their first commercial CD of sonatas by Mozart, Brahms and Prokofiev.

They will begin recording the first disc of the series, featuring the Mannheim Sonatas, later this month.